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Assorted Smoothie Mixes

Assorted Smoothie Mixes.


Smoothies are the latest health trend in the beverage industry with instant appeal to people of all ages. These non-dairy, shelf-stable smoothies are made with real fruit and a non-dairy creme base. Delicious and satisfying. 6, 1/2 gallon jugs per case , 32# ship weight . FREE UPS ground shipping

Smoothie Flavor Mix:
Price: $110.00

Favorite Flavor Mixes

Favorite Flavor Mixes.


We have variety and the flavor and taste profile to fit every customer. These flavors all have true and natural taste. Try our Raspberry and Super Strawberry! You will think you are tasting fresh picked berries. Consistent flavor blended with ice or frozen in a slush machine. Made with real fruit! 6, 1/2 gallon jugs per case, 32# ship weight. FREE UPS SHIPPING

Favorite Flavor Mixes:
Price: $110.00

NEON Color Flavor Mixes

NEON Color Flavor Mixes.


Color Sells! These eye-popping NEONS will attract attention and will inspire taste buds of all ages. 6, 1/2 gallon jugs per case ,32# ship weight. Free UPS GROUND SHIPPING

Neon Color Flavor Mixes:
Price: $110.00

Tropical Flavor Mixes

Tropical Flavor Mixes.


Makes a delicious satisfying specialty beverage for margaritas , daiquiris, or your own signature drinks. For blenders or frozen drink machines. Made with real fruit! 6, 1/2 gallon jugs per case, 32# ship weight. FREE UPS GROUND SHIPPING

Tropical Flavor Mixes:
Price: $110.00

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